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Play Zone

GuBacheez is an all season place! Be it Chilly winters, hot summer days, sudden winds and even during unexpected rains. There are loads of indoor play frames which will keep the young minds and bodies at work and you can forget about the weather!

Our play is a complete play zone with state of the art settings to simply thrill any child who walks into the zone. We like to believe it to be a cross between a play ground and a theme park.

Gubacheez’s play facility is unique and it features a gigantic under water themed play-frame, trampoline, fun ball battle system, wall climbing designed to challenge the youngsters.

We can go on forever but we invite you to come over and experience this zone we are so proud of.

1 - 12 years

Rs.280/- per child below 2 years (Additional 1 hour : Rs.110/- per child)
Rs.380/- per child above 2 years (Additional 1 hour : Rs.170/- per child)

Wall climbing, Mini merry-go-round, Mini size boat, Imaginative Playarea, Play Gym / Maze, Reading Corner, Rock Climbing, Soft Pay Area / Ball Pool, Trampoline