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About GuBacheez

A neighbourhood chirping zone for kids and parents – GuBacheez!

We, at GuBacheez believe that Childhood is best enjoyed when children can be children! Let us give them the opportunity and environment to make the most of their childhood…! At the same time bring out that little child in all the parents where they can engage in play, food and carefree moments.

Let’s face it; it’s not about the games, or the state of art play zone. It is not even about the recreation and learning for kids or the fact that GuBacheez can keep a child of any age challenged and engrossed. It’s neither about the amazing toddler zone or the super fun pretend play zones. Yeah, there is a great café with mouth watering treats and also a free art zone where it is okay to scribble on a wall but it’s still not it.

It is about the fact that for the first time in Bangalore, parents and their kids can hang out some place and engage in activities together. The Parents can relax and socialize while kids have the time of their life!

GuBacheez is a safe but exciting environment. As parents / caretakers you can relax and enjoy while children have fun!